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Senna Pods

Our company is known for delivering the Senna Pods, sourced from the Cassia angustifolia plant, are a natural remedy for digestive health. These pods contain compounds that support gentle bowel movements and overall digestive well-being. We are making these Pods available in the best price range in a well-planned packed manner. 

Senna Features:

  • Premium quality Senna Pods
  • Natural digestive support
  • Convenient for herbal preparations
  • No artificial additives
  • Vegan and sustainably sourced

Product Details:

Type Pods
Plant Part Used Dried Pods And Leaves
Botanical Name Cassia Angustifolia And Cassia Acutifolia
Common Names Senna Pods, Senna Leaves, Indian Senna, Egyptian Senna
Taste Slightly Bitter And Earthy
Odour Faint, Slightly Sulfurous
Active Ingredients Sennosides
Appearance Pods Are Green When Fresh, Turn Brown And Brittle When Dried
Storage Store In Cool, Dry Place
Medical Uses Laxative For Short-Term Relief Of Constipation
Availability Dried Pods And Leaves Are Widely Available In Herbal Stores
Style Dried
Cultivation Type Natural
Alternatives Other Natural Laxatives Like Psyllium Husk, Prunes, Aloe Vera
Features Low In Calories, No Artificial Additives, Vegan Sourced, Quality Tested
Supply By Shiv Agro Industries
Country Of Origin India

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